Zapovednik haiku

The cloth made by hands

Has the Soul, brings cosiness

Worms body and house

In Ivanovo we were very close to the Russian Folk Heritage Centre, or Zapovednik. We had expected to be able to visit but it turned out we couldn’t because the day we were in the area was a public holiday. From their website it sounds like an inspiring place for those interested in traditional Russian culture and particularly its textiles. I hope I will get another opportunity to go there one day.

I see that someone has now corrected the English on their website but previously it was charmingly quirky, and inspired me to compose this haiku. English must be a frustrating language for non-native speakers, being not reliably phonetic, as Russian is, for example. The way the word ‘warm’ is pronounced, why is it not spelt ‘worm’?

The website originally said: “Handweaving is an important part of the traditional life, which made Russian people full-feed and happy… On the surface it seems that at the time when handweaving replaced with machine production it’s not needed to revive this trade… But the things cloth which made by hands have the Soul, it worms up and brings cosiness to the house. To dress hand made textiles is very pleasant for the body and for the soul.”  I couldn’t have put it better myself.



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