Kamnik Folk Festival, Slovenia

A friend tells me she is going on a trip to Slovenia shortly.  This has brought back memories of a great holiday we had there in 2009. I was keen to see folk textiles and dress, as always, and was impressed by the collection in the Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana.

There are many opportunities to see decorative regional dress in eastern Europe today at the numerous folk festivals that take place, especially in the summer.  Over a weekend in early September the annual Folk Festival takes place in the picturesque small town of Kamnik.  It always includes performers from other countries as well as from Slovenia. We saw dancers and singers from Bulgaria, Iran and Scotland, among others. On the Sunday people from all over Slovenia parade along the main street in their own very local urban or rural folk dress.


One of the highlights of the festival was the appearance of the band Čuki. They received a raptuous adoring response from the audience. There was dancing late into the night in the town square to jolly Slovenian folk rock/country and western/Europop-type music – I’m not sure what to call it, but we enjoyed it.

My friend Liz Mellish has an encyclopedic knowledge of the folk culture of eastern Europe, and especially of Romania and Bulgaria. She is a great expert on dance troupes and their dress, and attends lots of festivals.  Her website is full of fascinating information.













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