The Rupe Museum, Dubrovnik

The Ethnographic Museum in Dubrovnik is referred to in the city as the Rupe Museum. The building is a granary dating from the 16th century, set deep within the narrow maze of streets which climb up from the centre.  It was quite hard to find, even with a map to follow. In past centuries the city-state of Dubrovnik kept all its reserves of wheat, barley and millet here in cool conditions, stored inside deep stone silos called ‘rupe’.


There are three floors of exhibits, the top floor showing folk dress of the region. Photography of the textiles was not allowed so I only took pictures of the blown-up black-and-white archive photos – and of views from the windows looking out across the rooftops. But I’ve included here pictures I found on the internet of some of the outfits on display, from which you can also see the distinctive interior architecture of the granary.









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