Russian treats

I had several Russia-related birthday treats (of course). Robert bought me this great film poster from Tate Modern:


[Text from Tate's website: 'Reproduction of Russian street poster. “Bella Donna”, Alexander Naumov’s glamorous cinema poster created in Moscow, 1927. Foreign films, especially American, were hugely popular with Soviet audiences and their takings at the box office helped subsidise the rapidly expanding Soviet film industry. “Bella Donna” starred Pola Negri, Adolphe Menjou and Conway Tearle. It was directed in the USA by George Fitzmaurice.']

We went to Pushkin House to see the exhibition of Richard Davies’ photographs, (which finishes next Sunday), and bought his book ‘Russian Types and Scenes’. I had intended to go to his talk at Pushkin House last Tuesday but came home from Moscow the night before totally worn out after a very hectic trip and had to miss it.

A completely unexpected treat on my birthday was seeing Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space! I walked right by her in Exhibition Road, outside the Science Museum.  Unfortunately I didn’t recognise her at the time, but read in the paper later in the day that she’d been at the opening of the Museum’s new Cosmonauts exhibition. I could see that she was someone important – she was dressed very smartly and wearing a distinctive red star insignia – and I heard her speaking Russian. If I had realised who it was, would I have had the nerve to speak to her (or ask for a ‘selfie’)?!  No – I wouldn’t. I wrote about her briefly on this blog two years ago, after I’d visited her home city of Yaroslavl – and I was there again only a few days ago.



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