The Jewels of ‘War & Peace’

as featured in the current and earlier adaptations of Tolstoy’s greatest work

The missing Marian Column of Prague

To restore – or not?

Tibor Reich

Hungarian-born textile designer who influenced British interiors

Serov’s grave

A moving story, in more ways than one

Valentin Serov and Domotkanovo

A place of inspiration for a celebrated artist

Russian Drinking Songs

Not exactly a barrel of laughs

Zinaida Serebryakova

A wonderful painter, particularly of women and children

Christmas Decorations

Lighting up Moscow and London for the festive season

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Soviet Union

Atmospheric photographs from 1954

The Good Soldier Wojtek

An ursine hero

Ukrainian Fashion Week

Traditional Ukrainian dress on the catwalk

Portrait of an unknown woman

with and without cat

The Russian Cotton Printing Industry – Part 2: Factory Production and Peasant Dress

The industry in the 19th and early 20th century

2015 Travels – Russia

September in town and country

2015 Travels – Moravia

A week’s tour of the eastern part of the Czech Republic

The Russian Cotton Printing Industry – Part 1: Block printing

Before the 1917 Revolution Russia produced huge quantities of printed cotton textiles

Russian treats

A day of splendid surprises

Happy Birthday to me – Russian-style

Gena the crocodile plays the garmoshka


A fascinating place, formerly the capital of Moravia

The Astronomical Clock of Olomouc

A reminder of Socialist Czechoslovakia