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Tibor Reich

Hungarian-born textile designer who influenced British interiors

Valentin Serov and Domotkanovo

A place of inspiration for a celebrated artist

Russian treats

A day of splendid surprises

YSL’s Russian Inspiration

The film ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ has just opened in London.

Happy memories of my friend Audrey

We shared a love of textiles and Russia

The two greatest art galleries in Russia

The best places to see Russian art

Gagarin in London

A postscript to my previous blogpost about Gagarin and the British Council exhibition

Memories of Yuri Gagarin

It’s 50 years since Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space

Russia trip, June 2011

A small group of us – members of the UK Textile Society – visited Russia for 10 days in June. I stayed on for an extra week to do some research. I’m going to write a retrospective blog about some of the things we saw.