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International Quilt Festival, Suzdal, Russia

Watch this space for lots more about the Festival

Learn to do everything yourself!

Bringing up children the Soviet way

Mathias Rust and Border Guards Day, 1987

This feat of aviation and bravado still fascinates me, after more than 30 years

Young Pioneers Day

celebrating the Soviet citizens of the future

All my own work…


- from a long time ago. Now I need to start creating again

Танцуют все! – Everybody dance!

A jolly wedding video

Russian Drinking Songs

Not exactly a barrel of laughs

Christmas Decorations

Lighting up Moscow and London for the festive season

Festival of Folk Music and Dance at the Ethnographic Museum, Prague

Colourful costumes from all over the Czech Republic

Up the workers!

1 May – always an important date in the Soviet calendar