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Sunset (Napszállta)

A new film by Hungarian director László Nemes

The Jewels of ‘War & Peace’

as featured in the current and earlier adaptations of Tolstoy’s greatest work

Russian treats

A day of splendid surprises

Happy Birthday to me – Russian-style

Gena the crocodile plays the garmoshka

The Astronomical Clock of Olomouc

A reminder of Socialist Czechoslovakia

Soviet Songs on the theme of Spring

‘There comes a time when people lose their heads’


Filmed in the far north-west of Russia, around Murmansk

Natasha’s ballgown

‘War and Peace’ – a Spaghetti Eastern?

YSL’s Russian Inspiration

The film ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ has just opened in London.

Horse in the fog

2002 was a summer of extreme heat and smog in Russia