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Textiles of the Russian Arts & Crafts Movement

- a couple of talks I’m giving soon

Up the workers!

1 May – always an important date in the Soviet calendar

Russian Town Costume

These distinctive garments were a bit of a mystery to me

International Women’s Day

A day to appreciate all the women in our lives

Dress in old photographs

Some vivid glimpses into past lives and other cultures

Vologda lace

This northern region is famous for lace-making

Greetings from little spacemen

Greetings cards produced in the Soviet Union in the 1960s often included images of satellites and rockets

Two Ukrainian rushnyky

Birds and flowers decorate a fine linen rushnyk from Ukraine, embroidered to mark a wedding in 1951

An embroidered towel from Russia

This piece is one of the first Russian textiles I acquired. It’s a great example of a Russian towel.

What is ‘drawn ground’?

An explanation of the embroidery technique of Russian drawn ground