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Hello Summer!

Another wonderful Soviet-era image

Learn to do everything yourself!

Bringing up children the Soviet way


You can’t avoid it if you’re in Moscow in June

Mathias Rust and Border Guards Day, 1987

This feat of aviation and bravado still fascinates me, after more than 30 years

Young Pioneers Day

celebrating the Soviet citizens of the future

Textiles of the Russian Arts & Crafts Movement

- a couple of talks I’m giving soon

All my own work…


- from a long time ago. Now I need to start creating again

The Russians’ House

Home of Vassily Kandinsky and Gabriele M√ľnter in southern Germany

Vladimir Stozharov

Soviet-era painter of the Russian North

I’ve missed Russia – and my blog

To get myself in the mood for writing again, I’m remembering my most recent trip to Russia